Camphor Laurel Symposium to be held in Byron Bay

 Press release and some thoughts from Alan Goldstein, Goonengerry Landcare.

Hi all, from Goonengerry Landcare Group,

Please see the press release below. Goonengerry Landcare would like to hear back from any locals who have the opportunity to attend the Camphor Laurel Symposium mentioned. We will meet after this discussion to discuss whether Goonengerry Landcare and/or residents desire to have a group position on this subject.

cheers, alan g

Media Release

4 November 2009

Camphor Laurel Symposium to be held in Byron Bay

Byron Shire Council is holding a Camphor Laurel Symposium in ByronBay on Friday 27 November 2009 from 9am to 1pm.

Councilor Patrick Morrisey said the symposium is being held to consult with residents and key stakeholders on the development of a policy and strategy to manage Camphor Laurel in Byron Shire.

“We are hoping to attract about 50 attendees in order to gain a whole of community perspective in relation to Camphor Laurel and its impacts on the Shire.

Cr Morrisey said Camphor Laurel means different things to different people.

“To some, it’s a classified (W4) noxious weed rapidly spreading across cleared former rainforest and farming land that needs to be controlled.  To others, through strategic intervention, it can help return cleared landscapes to rainforest.

“Some see it as highly toxic whilst for others it’s just another tree.

“Many harvest it for cabinet making, art and sculptural purposes and jobs creator or a source of fire wood or fuel for electricity generation. It provides both opportunities and threats to ecosystem functions.

“This symposium is an excellent opportunity for people with a considered view on camphor laurel to participate in an informed dialogue on how best to manage this Asian tree for a variety of purposes. Council is developing a holistic strategy for managing camphor and this symposium aims to inform that process”.   

Cr Morrisey said the Camphor Laurel is a significant problem for Byron Shire with more than one quarter of the vegetated areas of the Shire comprised of the tree.

“The morning will provide an opportunity to gather stakeholders’ views from electricity generation contractors, farmers, Landcare Groups, Country Energy, tree felling contractors, woodworkers and sculptors on the way forward in managing the issue.”

According to Cr Morrisey, Camphor Laurel is a serious environmental weed but one that also contains positive values.

He said in Byron Shire, Camphor Laurel provides important habitats for a wide range of threatened and common plant and animal species, and is an important seasonal food source for fruit eating fauna.

“The broad scale unplanned clearing of Camphor Laurel sites could also disrupt wildlife corridors and threaten the biodiversity of the region.

“As a community we need to manage the issue of clearing Camphors, maintain biodiversity and look for potential value adding solutions to the problem.

There is no cost to attend the Camphor Lauren Symposium which will be held at the Lord Byron Resort in ByronBay.

Anyone interested in attending the event, please contact Byron Shire Council’s economic development officer Jos Mitchell on 02 6626 7222 or [email protected]


Media Contact:                               Donna Johnston

                                                         Media Communications Officer

                                                         Byron Shire Council

                                                         Ph: 02 6626 7320

Wilson’s Creek Funding

Does your property adjoin Wilson’s Creek? Are you interested in a grant to help with environmental restoration work?
I am a local landholder at Keys Bridge looking for interested parties to put a combined application for a Biodiversity Grant administered by the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority.

Types of work to be funded include noxious weed eradication, erosion control, bush regeneration, riparian restoration, planting of endemic species, fencing off riparian areas for stock and provision of alternative water sources.

Time is short and at this stage just a signature of intent, (no binding contract) is enough to get involved.  
This funding does NOT involve landholders signing up their property in perpetuity to a conservation covenant, (being public money there are of course management obligations). Please contact me regarding any questions – there are no obligations in simply finding out more!

James Mayson
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 6688 4079

Alan Goldstein Community Announcements

Hi all,

Two really important dates for your diary and for you to spread the word about.

FIRE TALK; Sunday 20th Sept at Goonengerry School, 10am ’til noon. How to be prepared for the fire season. See attached flier for details, really important stuff, it could save your property or life!

Mafeking Road Corner Working Bee;Recently sprayed and ready to be mulched for the summer. (Thanks to Nick for the chip). Bring buckets, gloves, spades, wheel barrows and hats. Sunday 13th Sept 9.30- 11.30am
cheers, alan

Goonengerry Landcare Group and Goonengerry Rural Fire Service
Sunday 20th September 2009
10 am Goonengerry Public School

Presented by
Local Fire Chief Val Hodgson And Inspector Laurence McCoy, chairperson of the Far North Coast Bushfire Management Committee, and RFS Community Safety Officer.
He came from a botanical background before donning the RFS uniform and will be able to give a broader perspective on bushfire management issues. Topics include

How wildfire behaves
Strategies for Asset Protection
What is an Asset Protection Zone
Landscaping in an Asset Protection Zone
What is a Strategic Asset Protection Zone
The Big Picture for Goonengerry and environs
History of Bushfire in Goonengerry area
Identifing Bushfire Risks
What can we do to mitigate these risks

Get your weeds under control

Matt  Rudgley Weed Spraying

Specialising in control of weeds on farms.

Call for a free consultation

Matt-0429946140 or Dean 0427782066

Bush Fires in the Byron Hinterland

August 25th Bush Fire from Sheaffes Rd Goonengerry

August 25th Bush Fire from Sheaffes Rd Goonengerry
Goonengerry Bush Fire photograph Jon 2009

Getting a bit close for comfort. Our thoughts are with the brave people fighting these fires and the folks whose homes are at risk. We will keep you posted on how you can help those who have suffered from this blaze. A good reminder for all of us who have access to water to keep our tanks full and to manage our land to minimise the risk of fire spreading. If you are interested in using this image please contact Jon Sturge    [email protected]

David Warren Goonengerry

David Warren was kind enough to send me these Goonengerry photographs to share with you. They capture the beautiful
flora, fauna and views that make Goonengerry such a special place to live and visit.





Goonengerry Master Builder David Warren

Goonengerry’s David Warren has been living and building in our community for over 25 years. He has just launched a beautiful website profiling his fine work incldinging building, renovations and additions. Visit to find out more.