Virtual Mayor of Goonengerry

This may sound a bit like big brother but here is an idea: If Goonengerry folks express their opinions on this site, including voting in the poles and signing petitions it would be like having our own Mayor. Please put forward your thoughts on this, and more imporantly bring on issues for us to express our opinions on.

Weather Report

17th of May: G'day Goonengerry. Just checked the rain gauge and I can report that we have had 21 mm of rain. I am not sure when I emptied the gauge last but you can safely say that is how much rain we have had over the last four days. If anyone is interested in reporting the weather please come out of the rain and put forward your name.

What does Goonengerry mean?

There are a number of opinions on the origin and meaning of the word Goonengerry.

Here are a couple that I have heard…

  1. it is an aboriginal word that means where the wind meets the wind.
  2. something to do with Magpies and the sound they make.

Let us know if you have further information on this important historical mystery.

Royal Order of Goonengerry first member


Please welcome our first member of the Royal Order of Goonengerry-Rich Gregory. Richard and his family do not officially reside in Goonengerry; he visits regularly on his veterinary duties as well as drives through the village on the way home to Federal. Here is what Richard has to say…

 "I shall gratefully  grasp any  goony gripes that you can goad beyond goonengerrys  grid and gusset".

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Goony Gripes

The official postal code for Goonengerry is 2480. However, as we locals know most people (and computers) think we are 2482. What are we going to do about it? 

Who wants broadband/high speed?  Let's all get up telstra.

 Address? Talk about confusing. Lot # 4. Which one of the fourty do you live at?