Following on from last years focus on 5 environmental weeds Goonengerry Landcare would like this quarter to focus your attention on two others;
1. Ragweed or Asthma Plant; Ambrosia Artemisiifolia L.
In particular we refer to the imminent seed set by ragweed, which is everywhere along our roadsides
Ragweed has been increasing exponentially along Byron roadsides for the last few years and of course invades adjoining land from there. It has many issues in the environment and in particular is allergenic to a large percentage of the population. Ragweed also releases chemicals into the soil that are toxic to grasses and plants we are trying to grow in addition to the dense shade it casts.
The attached fact sheet discusses it more fully. Where applicable it can be slashed/brush-cut out of existence plus the recommended herbicide options are available though unnecessary in many instance.
If we all did our external and internal roadsides this would make a big difference.
2. Kahili Ginger; Hedychium gardnerianum
Kahali Ginger starting to spread through the forest fringes with failure to control this species at an early stage of population development could result in significant damage to upland subtropical and temperate rain forests and other moist, cool forest habitats.
Further guidance on our local weeds can be found at;
Cheers, Alan
PS; weeds are easier to dig and pull in the wet☺
Attached informational Sheets

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  1. Thank you. Very helpful. I have noticed Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilly)spreading like a weed on our block and our neighbors. I have seen Yellow Ginger also in many roadside locations in Goonengerry. Beautiful scent but invasive weed. Fighting a constant battle with cestrum nocturnum (night scented jasmine)

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