As noted last week media reporting on CSG mining in Goonengerry has been unclear.

Thanks to our local Councillor, Basil Cameron, we now have some more information.
Goonengerry is not in the clear. As of today it is important to note that Goonengerry is not yet excluded.There is a proposal to exclude a very small part of Goonengerry, mainly the school.
This is on display with the State Government until November 8th for comment and may or may not get up.
We need to lobby to get this accepted but more importantly we need to lobby to get this area widened.
Otherwise 99% of Goonengerry will not be excluded.

The attached map shows the area of Goonengerry on display for exclusion.
This link will take you to the Dept Planning website with information about the exclusion area.

Goonengerry Landcare is proposing a public meeting at Goonengerry School 10am on Sunday 13th October to discuss a community submission and response in general.

Basil has offered to chair the meeting.
Please spread the word to all Goonengerry residents.

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