Goonengerry? Where’s that? Doesn’t seem so long ago that you could feel pretty safe in letting people know you live in Goonengerry and feel comfortable that they would not know where that was or ever worry about them coming out into the hills to find you. Well it seems the secret is out about our little hide away high in the Byron Bay hinterland and Goonengerry real estate is now in high demand. It’s hard to find a property tucked in our hills for less them a ‘mill’ nowadays.
Last month Unique Estates sold one of our jewels “Emerald Valley” on Jaretts road for several million. Right now just around the corner in Federal you can buy Yarraga, a century farm for just under 4 million from Unique Estates too. If you don’t have a cool million stashed away there are still properties available with price tags under 7 figures. GNF Real Estate will be putting up the famous Dome Home for sale in mid-July. They also have a great 10 acre property on 16 Mill Road with well over a million dollars invested into has just been reduced in price to $860,000.

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