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Media Release
28 October 2008

Soil erosion funding for farmers

The Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority (NRCMA) has funding available to assist northern rivers landholders to rehabilitate degraded land, targeting gully erosion and mass movement.

The CMA is seeking expressions of interest from rural landowners in the Tweed, Richmond, Brunswick and upper Clarence catchments for small soil conservation projects that demonstrate sound technical merit and cost effective treatment of land degradation.

CMA soil officer, Gerry Ryan, said there are many examples where moderate investment in soil conservation works and small changes in farm management provide wide reaching benefits to both the farm economy and the local environment.

“Soil erosion, such as gully or sheet erosion, can cause significant economic loss to the farm enterprise through lower efficiencies, like restricted access and stock movement, and through loss of nutrients and the soil resource.

“Economic and environmental impacts can also occur as an effect of nutrient pollution and sedimentation on downstream environments such as waterways and wetlands, as well as siltation impacts on neighbouring properties and infrastructure,” he said.

“Most farmers can cite an example where a relatively small erosion site has grown over time to become a significant and often unaffordable problem area. Treating the degraded site is important if a landholder is to arrest the problem,” Mr Ryan said.

“There are many areas throughout the state where soil conservation works are now an accepted part of the annual farm budget, where farmers realise that it is just as important to managing their enterprise as things like weed and feral animal control, farm road maintenance or soil fertility inputs,” he said.

Mr Ryan said he hoped that the funding assistance will encourage some landowners to take that first step to address soil erosion on their property.

“Successful applicants will receive technical support from experienced soil conservationists who will help ensure that the works are done in accordance with sound soil conservation principles,” he said.

The funding incentive scheme is restricted to works like gully erosion control, landslip, rill and sheet erosion, and do not apply to river and stream bank erosion works. Successful applications for funding will need to be complimented with an in-kind contribution from the landowner.

Interested landowners can contact Gerry Ryan at the Alstonville office of Northern Rivers CMA on (02) 6627 0125 to discuss their project’s eligibility and to obtain and Expression of Interest form. Mr Ryan is also available for any general technical advice regarding soil erosion on farms in the region. The closing date for submitting an Expressions of Interest is 28th November 2008


Media Contact:

Jane Baldwin
PR & Media Officer
Northern Rivers CMA
Ph 0266420636
Mob 0428405942

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