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Services offered by Mullumbimby Veterinary Clinic

We regularly treat * dogs, * cats, * rabbits, * guinea pigs, * birds, * ferrets, * horses, * cows, * sheep, * alpacas and as far as wildlife is concerned, just about anything you will find around the Byron shire.

With a wide range of species and breeds under our care we aim to provide the best facilities we can. We have our own in-house pathology lab, which allows us to perform all the common tests required to support our diagnoses. Obviously this equipment is not cheap (in the case $25,000) but we strongly believe that the companion animals of the Brunswick Valley should have the same facilities available to them as their Brisbane and Sydney counterparts. We have: * in-house pathology lab * modern anaesthetic machines * X-Ray machine and automatic film processor * mobile X-ray machine (for radiographing horses in the field) * industry leading computer software * networked computer system (to keep excellent records of all our patients) Referals We don’t pretend to have all the answers so we regularly liaise with and refer patients to the specialist practices in Brisbane and surrounds; * Queensland Veterinary Specialist Centre * Animal Eye Services

The costs associated with providing human medical services are usually “softened” by private health insurance or Medicare. Whilst there is private health insurance available for pets (please ask) the majority of pets are not covered. Veterinarians do not receive any government or municipal subsidy for providing their services. The cost of providing a comprehensive 24 hour, 7 day a week veterinary service is substantial. Our fees are carefully formulated to take into account the expertise and experience of professional and lay staff, the cost associated with provision of the service and inevitably, like any businesses, the market forces which prevail. And we aim to be here in 10 years time providing an even better service than we do now!. We encourage our clients to ask what a treatment is going to cost, especially if it is likely to be prolonged or involved. We undertake to provide you with an estimate of costs (as much as we are able when dealing with possible of unforeseen circumstances), and will update that cost daily and will provide that to you. Whilst there are “do anything you can, don’t worry about the cost” situations, the majority of us have to live within a budget and it is better to discuss costs first rather than receive a shock at the end!. We are always willing to work out a method of payment over time when the unexpected and unbudgeted occurs. SO PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO ASK.

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