Goonengerry residents please be aware that the mines could be in our own backyard. Please read the following email from Alan Gold and take action. You can express your opinion in our latest poll.

Hi all,

This is a follow up to a short email I sent a week ago.
You will perhaps of heard that  The West Australian company, Nea Kameni Pty Ltd, has lodged an application with the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to determine whether a 300 square kilometer area west of Byron Bay
contains any diamonds, rubies or sapphires. The application is;

Diamond Mine Exploration License Application no 3127
Attached  is a map of the area affected and I am sending you this because you could be directly affected!

The Company is making a big noise about how they probably will not find anything and there is nothing to worry about.
It always worries me when someone or some organisation abruptly enters my world and says "don't worry about a thing we're here to help." Usually the exact opposite happens!
Why are they bothering? For profit of course!
A local geologist agrees that our area is not a likely source of diamonds but it is a likely source of lots of other valuable minerals and possibly gold. Perhaps this license is a cover for the real game. What happens if they find gold for instance?
There are two things we can do, the first one is nothing. Sit back and wait to see what happens. See how non-invasive their exploration techniques are.
 Or second, we can let them know from the very beginning just how much trouble they will have on their hands if they actually try and mine anything in this area. Yes, the scare them off from the start technique. We must remember that once they have taken up a license and spent money they will fight to keep it.
It took just such a concerted and early action by this community to stop the exploratory mining for Perlite in Mafeking Road, Goonengerry less than 10 years ago. If they discover anything worth mining on your property they will exploit it to the maximum, destroy your environment in the process and compensate you to the absolute minimum. And you will be able to do little about it. A mine even in the general vicinity of your place will bring environmental disaster to you via pollution, especially water pollution, degradation to our already struggling biodiversity, and destruction to our infrastructure such as roads.
Sometimes it is necessary to stand tall and strong from day one to stop the constant degradation of our planet.
So if you want to send these people a clear message of non-support and opposition then do one or more of the following;

Most Importantly, Phone the Company Directors. At the moment we only have one name but he does seem to be the main name behind the company. His name and phone number is;
Gregory Pooley           08 93867953

Phone him up and let him know how you feel. Emotion is okay, and ask him why they are spending all this money if they don't intend to mine and anything else you can think of??

Phone Dept Primary Industry, Mines Section, 1300 736122 (free call) Robert Falzon Mining Titles Eastern Tel: (02) 4931 6457  and let them know what you think and get an address to write a letter to.
Write an email or letter to local MP; her contacts are;
[email protected]
Electorate Office
Suite 6, Hallmark Centre
107-111 Minjungbal Drive
Tweed Heads South NSW 2486
Tel:(07) 5523 4371
Fax:(07) 5523 4379
Postal Address:
PO Box 6996
Tweed Heads South NSW 2486
Write a letter or email to Byron Council and Councillors. Contacts are at Council website, which is;

A public meeting will be convened at Federal Hall on Wed 16th January, at 7.30pm, to discuss if further action is required. Stay tuned, but act today.

We do need help from those who may have a research and/or legal ability to research the company and the directors and help sieve through the law. We already have the legal angles we used last time and geologists on board, so all the help you can give would be appreciated but at least we are not starting from scratch.

This stop the mining action is being initiated by The Goonengerry Landcare Group and you can help or get updates from us by contacting John Hellmers at; [email protected] or on Phone 66849135.

Thanks for reading and doing. Please pass this on to others in the area.
Cheers,   alan

 PS Hi all,

and it seems the mining map includes parts of two State MP's electorates, Thomas George's and Don Page……contact details for them being:

Thomas George
PO Box 52
Lismore 2480
[email protected]

Don Page
PO Box 1018
Ballina 2478
[email protected] 

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