Here is plenty of information on our local Community Centre in neighbouring Federal. This information along with some pictures will become its own website soon. 

Providing Quality Education and Care to children in the Federal and surrounding communities. Offering Preschool and Long Day Care service to children aged 3-6 years and an After School Care Program (Kidzone) to school aged children.


Federal Community Children's Centre

898 Binna Burra Road, Federal NSW 2480

Ph 02 66884371       Fax 02 66884652

Email   [email protected]


We are located on land traditionally owned by the Arakwal people of the Bundjalung nation. Community members established our Centre after the Federal Public School closed in 1978.  Our premises are the old teacher's residence, which is leased from Byron Council as a community children's facility.  We share the building and grounds with the After School Care Service (Kidzone), which is another arm of the Children's Centre.  Both services have one committee which meets at least once a term to make decisions and formulate policies as needed.

Federal Community Children’s Centre is a non-profit community based service funded by the NSW Department of Community Services and parent fees subsidised by Child Care Benefit funded through the Department of Family and Community Services.

In 2003, in addition to the Preschool and After School Care services, we added a Long Day Care service to our children’s centre which provides extended hours of care and education to families within the community.


Our Children’s Centre is set up as an association of parents.  Our association together makes up legal identity, which enables us to operate within all the regulations and guidelines that apply to children’s services.  When you enroll your child, you are an official member of Federal Community Children's Centre Inc.

A community-based service such as ours differs from a for-profit children’s service in that all our profits go back into the centre. We consult with and respond to parents in the community regarding their childcare needs and through feedback about service provision.  Parents are supported in forming networks within our community and in developing skills associated with community-based management.

Membership of the association enables you to view all management records of the centre, to participate in decision making and to vote at general meetings.  A management committee made up of parents/ community members are nominated and then elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in March/April each year.  

The offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and three (3) other committee members are filled to make up the management committee.  

Our Association operates under a set of rules (our constitution), which are general to all Community associations and a set of policies which are continually being updated and added to as the need arises and as the service evolves.

As an employer, the Management Committee is responsible for the employment of suitable staff, with the staff holding only 'ex-officio', or non-voting rights at meetings.  



DIRECTOR:                                      Rebecca Carr –  Acting Director

                                                     Deb Boxall – Acting Director

KIDZONE CO-ORDINATOR:                Jeni Summers
EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS:        Jennifer Woolley    
                                                      Suze Daily


                                                               Alison Mason

                                                               Jessie Vintila          

FINANCIAL ASSISTANT:                    Leonie Mitchell

CLEANER:                                       Deidre Edwards



At Federal Community Children’s Centre, we are committed to maintaining the period of childhood as a unique and valuable stage of life. We understand the value of early childhood education and its contribution to life long learning.

We believe children’s individuality needs to be supported and their self-esteem, independence and imagination fostered in a safe, happy place.  We aim to create a centre where friendships are formed and children are guided to communicate well and learn by example. We believe children need to be exposed to diverse social and educational experiences and the natural world. We believe children learn through play. Each day needs to have a natural rhythm incorporating home activities and a broad-minded creative approach. Fun will find its way into each activity.

We believe our children need to feel loved, parents need to feel welcome and our staff need to feel valued. We value caring teachers nurturing imagination, acceptance and independence by using the best features from diverse educational models, bringing creativity to each activity.

We believe the children’s centre is an integral part of the Federal Community.


For Children:
® To extend and compliment the home by providing a caring, safe and secure environment that holistically      supports each child’s development;  
® With additional needs are welcome and included within our centre;
® To learn about tolerance and learn to accept the differences in others;
; To be empowered to arrive at positive solutions to problems;
® To feel their imaginative play is valued;
® To learn through interactions with materials, the environment, peers and adults;
® To hear storytelling with and without books;
® To be provided with music and singing every day, using diverse music (including classical);
® To be supported in making individual choices as well as learn social skills needed to be part of a group;
® To develop self identity and a view of themselves as having competence and worth;
® To learn about the Great Spirit in and around us

For Staff:
® To foster the social, emotional, language, physical, cognitive, creative and spiritual development of each child;
® To acquire an understanding of children’s development through careful observation and interaction;
® To model the learning processes and introduce knowledge areas to children eg., language, mathematics, science, technology, music, art, etc
® To work together with children in these knowledge areas and jointly construct understandings;
® To provide individualised and age specific programming;
® To feel safe to show love and appropriate affection towards the children;
® To take a loving discipline approach when guiding children’s behaviour;
® Provide feedback to parents about their child’s development;
® To work in partnership with parents;
® To feel passionate and inspired and appreciated by the parents and children;
® To be encouraged to train in specific areas of interest that will benefit our children, be it educational, creative or personal development;
® To value and reflect the diversity of the community within the centre program;
® To work in a flexible, supportive environment that is bases on respect and teamwork;
® Staff value the different backgrounds, attitudes & beliefs of their colleagues;
® Staff respect the right of colleagues to have different points of view;
® Staff share responsibility for their own professional development & set personal goals each year;
® Staff are sensitive to the cultural values of families and provide for cultural diversity;
® To engage in eco-friendly, sustainable practices to care for the earth.

For Parents:
® To be provided with regular communication and structured feedback about their child;
® To feel welcomed at the centre;
® To be recognised as the primary carers of the child and any decisions relating to the care of children are made in consultation with families;
® For Grandparents to feel welcome to be involved at the preschool;
® To be appreciated and encouraged in being proactive in participating in the centre’s programs and management;
® To register their skills and offer these skills where possible;
® To keep to the roster commitment.

For the Community:
® For the centre to be an integrated part of the community and to provide a range of services relating to the needs of the parents;
® To have 2-way links within the local community. This will include links with other professionals eg, therapists, local school teachers and visits by community members e.g. fire service, will be encouraged;
® To have excursions to the local and broader community organised by both parents & teachers;
® To organise activities that involve the local community;
® To be client focused and be responsive to the changing needs of the local community;
® To be committed in all aspects of the centre’s operation and to constantly evaluate the service provided.



At our centre we operate with a great deal of flexibility.  The children have the freedom to select activities thus encouraging child-initiated play.  Free play and free discovery are an important part of our program. We also acknowledge the IMPORTANCE OF RHYTHM for young child and understand that children feel secure when they know what is coming next. Our summer routine is displayed below:

8.00am    Early children arrive/help staff set up/quiet activities/early morning tea
9.00am    Children arrive, outdoor play activities
10.15am    Morning tea and retur to outdoor play
11.15am    Morning circle time (literacy, language, songs, rhymes )
11.20am    Inside play activities (including focused activities)
12.45pm    Pack up/Group games time
1.00pm      Lunch
1.30pm      Relaxation time, mediation and stories
2.30pm    Outdoor play
3.30pm    Games and activities
3.55pm    Home


3.30       Children arrive by school buses

3.45       Yummy afternoon tea

4.00       Plenty of games, craft activities, physical play and dramatic experineces.

            A variety each week to meet the interests, ages and needs of the children attending.

6.00      Home time





The preschool operates from 9.00am – 3.00pm, during school terms. Parents may book their child in early and/or late (8.00am – 4.00pm) for an additional fee.

The long day care opens from 8.00am – 4.00pm, 48 weeks per year (we close 4 weeks over December / January).


We have two fee structures depending on whether you have enrolled your child in the preschool or long day care service.

Currently, our fees range from as little as $5.00 for low income families.

Long Day Care
The fee for the long day care program ranges form $9.00 to  $35.00 per day. However, for many parents this fee is reduced because of the Commonwealth Government childcare benefit paid through the Family Assistance Office.

Parents are required to contact the Family Assistance Office at Centrelink to obtain their child’s childcare benefit (CCB) percentage rate and entitlement to eligible hours (20 or 50 hours per week).

Upon enrolment, an annual enrolment fee of $20.00 will be charged per family to cover administration, accident insurance costs, a school hat and rest-time bag.
An annual membership fee of $10.00 per family will be charged to join our Incorporated Association.



The After School Care program operates Monday to Friday from 3 to 6pm, during school terms.

The Centre offers subsidized fees to families through the Family Asistance Office and offer fees from $10 to $18 a day.

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