Goonengerry is getting some well deserved attention to start off the year. The most significant road works in years are taking place in the heart of the village. The previously crazy corner where Goonengerry Road meets Mafeking with Bayview on the flank is being redone. When the work is finished, from what I have been told from friendly Byron Council workers, the road towards Federal will be straightened out and the turn off to Mafeking will be raised up.

In other exciting Goonengerry road construction news the Sunrise Hill section of Mill Road is getting a dust and polish. Heavy equipment has been brought in to grade the road towards the hill, widen it and knock back some of the weeds. In an interview with more friendly council folk (Angelo and Seth) it was also revealed that further safety measures would be undertaken.

If anyone has opinions on the road works or suggestion on how to improve road safety in Goonengerry please contact us.

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