Calling Goonengerry historians. Please let Maggie know if you have any photos, stories or memories of her family. 

 I am an ex-resident of Goonengerry.

My memories of Goonengerry are vary vague, as I was about 4 when I left there, and my return visit (in 1991? ) was very brief, only a few hours. I did not find out till later that we had actually lived at 2 different places there, and we had not visited the part I remembered (vaguely).
My parents and my grandparents lived in Goonengerry from 1946  until 1951.
My grandparents were Robert William Johnston (originally from Canada) and Ellen Adye Johnston (nee Hume).
My parents were Herbert (Bert)  and Sally Johnston (she was originally from Scotland). They were 28 and 26 when they moved to Goonengerry.
After I was born we lived in Goonengerry  at a farm/ house/ property/ banana plantation called Caloola.

There probably isn't anyone still living there who remembered our family – my father was 88 when he died recently.
Does anyone there collect old photos of Goonengerry?  I have some old photos, mainly of people, but with hills or houses in the background.

I moved to Scotland permanently in 1970 and am now married to a Scotsman. We live in a small coastal village near St Andrews.

Does this make me an ex-Goon or does one always remain a Goon at heart?


(Margaret Sutherland nee Johnston)

(Once a Goon always a Goon. Goonengerry is always in your heart) 

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