Here is what the boys at have to say about our lovely village….

"While not really offering a visitor much to do, Goonengerry is on the scenic road between Federal and Mullumbimby. It’s a classic hamlet of this area, with a primary school, a church and a village hall making up the public buildings. Situated on the ridge, it has wonderful views over the farmlands to Cape Byron in the distance."

Well maybe that is not such a bad thing to say. I know a few locals who are concerned about more people coming to Goonengerry. How about bumper stickers that say "don’t go to goonengerry!

As a sharing type I believe that we should invite people to enjoy all that Goonengerry has to offer. If you have ideas on things to do please send them on. This site already has a section in our links on that topic but alas there is only one thing in it.

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